What to do When Lost

When talking about planning and preparing for our time in the field, Emergency Preparedness is something we discuss.  Getting lost is a very real possibility and we use the acronym S.T.O.P. to teach our students to

Stop (or Sit down, or Stay calm)




I like this sign that was posted on a website and have used it during my presentation as a humorous way of telling them the best thing is to not immediately panic and to actually stop where they are.  I bring up the idea that the game we are hunting are difficult to find because they keep moving around.  So if we are lost, why would we want to make it more difficult for someone to find and rescue us??  If we stay put in one location, searchers are more likely to find us.

I’ll usually talk about starting a small fire for several reasons.

  1. It keeps us warm
  2. Staring into a fire is very calming. We all love to do it, right?
  3. When we are calm, we can think more clearly about our situation and make plan.
  4. Searchers may spot the fire before they see us.
  5. It keeps us anchored to that location instead of wandering around