Introducing, Hunters Connect...

With the world always adapting and changing,  digital technology has become a big part of our lives today.  HunterEd will be creating a new digital media platform to keep up with the times and enhance hunter education. This platform will consist of a large video library that is here to cover every topic an up and coming hunter will need to know. From purchasing your first license to tagging your first animal and every thing else in between. Our video library will continue to grow each week, so if you need help with something that has not been covered yet be sure to let us know!

How will Hunters Connect benefit me?

  • Expand your knowledge and experiences.
  • How To, Where To, When To, What To videos to continue your ever-lasting education in hunting, posted every week. 
  • Membership Discounts that will include OnX, RMEF, Hunting Gear and more to be announced soon!