Organizational Trailer (Hunter Ed Supplies)

Getting There is Half the Battle

If you are like me, part of the preparation to teach a class is loading up your truck with piles of materials, equipment, and props you need for teaching your sections of the class. Then there are problems like who was supposed to get the firearms and ammunition for the range time.  Or, I thought you were getting the teaching box from the district office.  These frustrations detract from what we do best, teaching kids.

Many of our teaching teams in Oregon had something that made our jobs easier.  There were trailers stationed with the area coordinators.  In these trailers contained firearms and ammunition for range day, decoys for setting up a shoot/don’t shoot walk-about in the woods, student handbooks and class materials, projectors and screens along with extension cords, and other supplies and items we typically needed for every class.

The area coordinator or event team leader could easily check supply levels and ensure that they are restocked for upcoming events.  The trailer has a safe for firearms and ammunition to be securely stored when not on the range.  Gun cleaning equipment and supplies were there for post range time demonstration and to ensure the firearms were cleaned afterward.  We also used it for Public Relations events since it was wrapped and doubled as a display, command trailer, and kept our other portable displays safely stored inside.

Smaller items, like safety glasses and hearing protection along with disinfectant wipes, could be stored in transparent totes on the shelves mounted along the inside of the trailer.  Larger items, like tree stands, decoys, displays, tables & chairs, etc., could easily be stored and tied down.  Organized in a consistent manner meant that we could go in after a class to verify we had gathered everything.  Before a class, a quick verify and restock inventory was a simple matter.