Episode 1: The Journey Begins

Hi! I’m Crystal Egli, a videographer for Colorado Parks and Wildlife. 

I spent the last year and a half documenting my first big game hunt from start to finish. The result…? This 16 part video series about big game hunting from a true novice perspective.

 Before I started working for Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW), I had no resources or connections to hunting. With lots of help and support from my coworkers and friends at CPW, I finally decided to give it a try. And because I’m a videographer I just had to film the whole thing, no matter what happened. Join me as I learn the steps necessary to hunt big game in Colorado, and stay tuned every Monday to see what happens. Wish me luck!

Episode 1: The Journey Begins

Episode 2: Hunter Education

Episode 3: Finding a Hunting Mentor

Episode 4: How to Read a Big Game Brochure

Episode 5: Where to Hunt

Episode 6: Firearm Basics

Episode 7: Small Game First

Episode 8: Wildlife Identification

Episode 9: Gearing Up

Episode 10: The Hunt

Episode 11: Field Dressing Big Game

Episode 12: Packing Out Strategies

Episode 13: Butcher and Storage of Meat

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