Life Savers for a Life Saver

This idea is one we use to review information after lunch sometime, or before the test.  We also have used it in the middle of a long afternoon when we notice everyone’s eyes drooping. 😊

Our team uses coffee cans to hold individually wrapped Life Savers candies.  Alternatively, you can use the mini rolls that come in the holiday bulk bags depending on class size and what you care to spend.

Our lead instructor is a rather animated guy and without saying much, he will hand out a container to each instructor as we casually spread out.  When he’s ready, he’ll stop and randomly point at one student.  He’ll say, “Tell me something you have learned in here that could save a life!”  The acceptable answer may be, “Muzzle control”, “Keep ammunition and firearms locked up and stored separately”, “Admit when you are lost and STOP”, or anything else they’ve heard us discuss.  He’ll reach in the coffee can and pull out a Life Saver and excitedly proclaim, “A Life Saver for a life saver!”and toss the life saver across the tables to the kid and their eyes light up as they catch it.

Now you have the whole class smiling and engaged.  They are all wondering how they can get in on this deal.  With smiles blazing, each instructor then quickly works their way up and down the rows and around the room and until each (and every)person gives an acceptable answer of some sort. We include parents, grandparents, younger siblings, whether they are signed up as a student or not.  It’s fun to see a mom or younger sibling, that may only be tagging along, give a good answer and smile as they get their Life Saver. As an added benefit, you are promoting safety to the rest of the family in the home.

Remember this is a fun way to review.  Answers don’t have to be perfect and nearly anything is an acceptable answer.  If two people give the same answer, that’s ok. I’ll usually have some fun and put pressure on the copycat to see if they can come up with something better than their buddy did rather than just say the same thing.  Sometimes if they say something I haven’t heard in a while or from anyone else, I might say, “That’s worth two!” and give them another Life Saver.  Others in the row notice and put a little more effort into their answers.  Again, keep it fun and lively!

All total, even with a large class, our team can usually get around the room in just a couple minutes. As our lead instructor notices that we pretty much have everyone covered and are finishing, he’ll take that opportunity to have everyone to take a break.  The surge of sugar and quick stretch are a good way of maintaining everyone’s attention during the next hour or giving a good start to taking the test after the break.