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Taylor Chamberlin
The Hunting Public
Sam Soholt

“As to why it’s important for me to help out with the future of hunters, I truly believe that the future of hunting and fishing is in their hands, and it’s not only important to our cherished outdoor activities that they carry the torch, but it’s important as managers of the game we care so much about that the next generation (and more) continue to manage the species and lands like we have, and our generations have before us.

I’m the only person in my family who is a hunter, and I didn’t have anyone that could teach me how to hunt and fish – so I taught myself. If I’m able to help someone out there, even if it’s just a little bit, and help cut that learning curve down some – or maybe even help them with just that little push that keeps them hunting, then I’ll consider everything I’ve done a success!” 

– Taylor Chamberlin

“Hunting is declining across the country and we need to find ways to increase hunter participation to protect our lifestyle for future generations.  Mentorship and education is crucial to recruiting and retaining new hunters.  At Hunter’s Connect, we hope to show people how to have a safe and successful experience in the field!”  

-Aaron Warbritton