Month: April 2019

What to do When Lost

When talking about planning and preparing for our time in the field, Emergency Preparedness is something we discuss.  Getting lost is a very real possibility and we use the acronym S.T.O.P. to teach our students to Stop (or Sit down, or Stay calm) Think Observe Plan I like this sign that was posted on a …

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Test Review Jeopardy

I’ll take Test Review for $300, Alex One of the things that can be fun is the test review, however kids tend to get a little anxious about it.  So one of our volunteer coordinators came up with a fun way to review for the test by taking the test questions and topics and turning …

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A Rose by Any Other Name… To paraphrase Shakespeare, “An accident by any other name is still tragic.” As instructors, we often draw a line of distinction between accidentand incidentfor our students.  Many of us (myself included) occasionally fumble for several minutes trying to clarify this difference and reasons we use “incident” versus “accident.”  Our students may then be …